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Nigerians blast Mohbad’s widow over refusal to conduct DNA test


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Nigerians have berated Priscilla Omowunmi, the widow of late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly called Mohbad, over her refusal to conduct a DNA paternity test to ascertain the singer is the father of their son, Liam.

In a series of statements on X on Sunday, Nigerians demanded she agrees to the DNA paternity test if indeed she has ‘no skeleton in her cupboard’.

This comes on the heels of a statement made by Mohbad’s widow on Friday, alleging a threat to her life.

Chronicle NG reports that Omowunmi spoke out against what she describes as persistent threats to her and Liam, the late singer’s baby.

This came as she pushed the musician’s father, Joseph Aloba, to seek a court order for her son Liam’s deoxyribonucleic acid identification (DNA) test.

According to reports, Aloba had called on the Nigeria Police to summon Omowunmi to provide insights into the death of his son and also demanded a test to ascertain the paternity of his grandson.

However, she disclosed that it was unthinkable that Liam’s grandfather, who pressured them into having a child, was also the same person demanding a DNA test.

Omowunmi noted that she would only do a DNA paternity test if Aloba gets a court order ordering her to carry out the test.

“Go and get a court order, because it’s time I put my enemies to shame,” Omowunmi stated.

Her statement has generated backlash from Nigerians who believe she should have no hiccups in carrying out the test.

“I don’t know why she is scared of doing a DNA test if she is innocent. Like, why are women like this?” A man simply identified on X, as Ugo stated.

Alleging that Liam, the singer’s baby, looks like Sammy Larry, one of the suspects being investigated in connection with the singer’s murder, Johnson Eneroh urged her to carry out the test if she has nothing to hide.

“That baby looks like Sammy Larry. If she’s sure of herself, let her do the DNA and shame everyone, including me,” Eneroh stated.

“For the mental health of Mohbad’s father, let her do the DNA test! Why is she afraid? Let her do the test! What if, in the future, she denies Mohbad’s father access to her grandson? Oga, let her do the test! Period!” Bummyla wrote to X.

Osunkwo Chi noted that “DNA testing isn’t a bad thing; it’s just to make sure Mohbad is the real father.”

Chi added, “The question should be, Why are you angry and attacking everybody? Second, is she scared of the test? Life is not supposed to be hard!”

Jibrin Oketa, argued that “if there is no iota of doubt in the legitimacy of the child being Mohbad’s, why is this issue still lingering on till now?

“Why would she let herself go through all this assault and bullying? I was at her defense during the early days of the call for DNA, but right now, let her come clean.”

Roland N. Gabriel noted that “her son needs a DNA test for what it is worth. She owes it to the world, as she keeps calling the world to her rescue.”

Speaking on the death of the singer, who died under questionable circumstances, Sanni Ola pointed out that Omowunmi should agree to a DNA paternity test to help investigators investigate the circumstances that led to the musician’s death.

“Once a victim dies, everyone around him or her becomes the prime suspect. The first thing an investigator does is find a motive.

“Unless there is another explanation for his death, the wife is still a prime suspect, and paternity fraud is a huge motive,” Ola stated.