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Family seeks abducted Rivers woman’s release



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Her daughter, Chioma Njoku, told newsmen that the incident occurred on September 1, 2023, at about 9am

She explained that her mum, Joy Njoku, who was a chef, was driving home in a Silver Toyota Venza when she went missing.

Miss Njoku further said she became aware of her mother’s disappearance when a family friend revealed that she had been speaking with Joy Njoku on the phone that evening, and heard her express concerns about being followed by persons in police uniform.

She stated, “That same Monday, my mum’s friend sent my elder sister a message, asking when last we heard from her.

“That she called my mum around past 10am when my mum was driving. She said while they were talking, my mum made a complaint about the policemen she was seeing in front that she doesn’t understand what they were doing.”

Continuing, Chioma said, “But she (Joy Njoku) was still talking. So, when they finished, my mum didn’t cut the call. The next thing she heard was my mum screamed and was saying what did I do? You people should leave me alone.

“She said she was calling my mum’s name, she didn’t respond, and that it was the last she heard from my mum.”

Chioma stated that her mum’s friend decided to contact her mother’s children if we heard from her, or notify us of what she heard.

The kidnapped woman’s daughter said she suspects foul play as there were inconsistencies between the hotel’s reported time of her mother’s arrival for the interview and the actually time of her arrival.

“When they ask the hotel people for the CCTV footage, they were saying their camera got bad. So, they don’t have the recording or anything.

“So, please let the State Government, well meaning individuals and security agencies come to my aid because we are worried about her health and safety.”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the state Police Command, Grace Iringe-Koko, asked if the matter was reported to the police.

“If they have not reported to the police let them do, so that we can take it up from there, because I have not received a report on that,” she stated.