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Nigerians blast Omokri, call him ‘a fool at 50’



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Reno Omokri, the former aide of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has suffered backlash following the emergence of 44-year-old Bassirou Diomaye Faye as the president-elect of Senegal. 

Results showed Faye with about 53.7% and Amadou Ba, from the current ruling coalition, with 36.2% based on tallies from 90% of polling stations in the first-round vote, the electoral commission said.

The vote on Sunday was largely peaceful with a high turnout, observers said. Results from polling stations that had completed counting were posted overnight on social media.

Reacting to Faye’s emergence as president-elect, Nigerians berated Omokri for allegedly being a social media influencer at 50, while Faye is 44- year -old.

Berating the self-acclaimed “table shaker,” Nigerians in various statements on X on Monday described Omokri as “a fool at 50.”

An X user identified as Oscar stated that while Faye was elected president, Omokri was “busy constituting nuisance” on social media.

“Reno is a waste of space. It’s only in a country like Nigeria that people like him can come anywhere near governance. Yet he is busy constituting a nuisance every day on this platform,” Oscar stated.

While Vivian Umukoro alleged that “Reno is too lazy to work, always looking for crumbs,” Ereko stated that Faye “is bold enough to question the establishment in his country,” while the former presidential aide “is a slave to the establishment for his country.”

An X handle, Real Signal, urged Nigerians to allow Omokri “to keep fooling around on the internet as a political entertainer,” arguing that “his new look of a white-shaped beard makes him an outstanding foolproof.”

Another X user, simply identified as Ilesanm, argued that the “table shaker” could not lead his household, talk more about leading Nigeria.

“Can the table shaker control his immediate family, let alone his ward or local government?” Ilesamn asked.

For Obinna Onyedika, he called the “table shaker” an ordinary “noise maker.”

“He is actually in exile. If he wants to shake the table, let him come to Nigeria and shake it. He is just a noise-maker,” Onyedika stated.

At 44, Faye has beome the youngest president-elect of the country.

Outgoing President Macky Sall offered his congratulations to Faye shortly before the electoral commission posted its results.