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Mohbad’s widow cries out over threat to life




Omowunmi, the widow of late Nigerian artist Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad has spoken out against what she describes as persistent threats to her and Liam, the late singer’s baby. 

This came as she pushed the musician’s father, Joseph Aloba, to seek a court order for her son Liam’s Deoxyribonucleic Acid identification (DNA) test.

According to reports, Aloba had called on the Nigeria Police to summon Omomunmi to provide insights into the death of his son and also demanded a test to ascertain the paternity of his grandson.

However, in a series of statements on Instagram, Mohbad’s widow said she had been facing what Mohbad faced before his death.

“Nigerians, I and Liam are at your mercy! Are you going to allow what happened to Ilerioluwa to happen to us? They are threatening us daily. They have taken our freedom from us! Nigerians help us,” she wrote.

She disclosed that it was unthinkable that Liam’s grandfather, who pressured them into having a child, was also the same person demanding a DNA test.

“I never wanted to have a baby at that time, but Baba told Mohbad, and me, the Holy Spirit, told him I should get him a grandson who would buy the coffin that would bury him.

“I got to know I was pregnant on August 5, the same year, and my father-in-law was so ecstatic over the news of my pregnancy. Why is he trying to defame the treasure his son left behind?” she queried.

She, however, stated that she was ready for the DNA test when her father-in-law produced a court order to the effect.

“Go and get a court order, because it’s time I put my enemies to shame,” Omowunmi wrote.

Meanwhile, on Instagram Live, Omowunmi said that her son was not enjoying the necessary freedom like other children and that some individuals were threatening to shoot her.

She said, “As you all know, I have never done this, and this is because my husband, Ilerioluwa, never wanted this. I am not scared to die! Enough is enough! Nigerians, please come to my aid! They have cursed my son several times, and today they have started.

“They have said my son will not reach the age of one, the same thing done to Mohbad that his father could not come out on social media to ask the public to help.

“Nigerians, please help me! I’m doing this now because Ilerioluwa will never forgive me if I don’t fight for Liam. He thought keeping quiet was the answer until he died. He had no chance to fight, but I, Wunmi, will fight with my last blood if anyone comes for my son.

“You guys are threatening to gun me down at the inquest, threatening to kidnap me and my son, yet I have kept quiet. I can’t even go out in public for fear of my life.

“My son can’t enjoy the things other kids are enjoying because of you guys! Why? You’re taking my son’s right to freedom from him, but today I’m calling on Nigerians to please come to my aid. Even if they eventually kill me, please let Liam live; I beg you!

“You’re taking my son’s right away from him! I am calling on Nigerians to please come to my aid. I am too young for these things they’re putting me through, Nigerians. Is it until I die?

“This is the same thing Mohbad went through, but nobody helped. Please, Nigerians, help me. When my husband came out, he was never a substance dealer. Now, they are using DNA to keep me shut.

“Mohbad was never a substance dealer or a user, and that pulled down his self-esteem and made him afraid to show his vulnerability. I would not be ashamed.

“Abuse me all you want, just like you abused Mohbad, but I’m never going to keep shut for Liam. Don’t come for Liam because I will fight for him all my life. I will protect him because he’s all I have and I’m the only parent he has. Mohbad is not here to fight for him anymore.”

She added, “Please tell Baba to bring a court order for DNA to be done. He is not getting the court order because he’s happy that my son is getting bashed daily.

“This is my son that I carried for 10 months. All mothers, please come to my aid. Everybody is telling me to keep my shut, but I can’t do that anymore.

“Even if they will kill me, let Liam live, please. That is the only person Ilerioluwa left! Baba is not getting the court order because he’s happy Liam is being bashed; Liam is like a competitor, and he sees him as a threat. He’s happy that he’s using his son’s death to make money online.”