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Women must never live for men – Ntabeni



Dr Jen Gunter has urged women not to remove their pubic hair

A social media commentator has taken the stance that women must never live for men’s validation in society with their choice of clothes.

A South African lady, Miss Ntabeni, disclosed it during an engagement on an X post with a clip captioned: Adult discussion: Would you allow your child to dress like this for Skolo?

Checks on the 10-second viral clip by Chronicle NG revealed that two female (women) students were dressed in a skimpy school uniform.

“Skolo,” in a loose term means school in South Africa.

Reacting to the viral clip, Ntabeni wrote, “Children, especially a girl child, must wear whatever she is comfortable wearing without being scared of what men will say or do.”

Kagiso Mapheto told Ntabeni, “Yes, you are correct, but only if you come from a family that lacks discipline and respect.”

Mapheto ignored her question, “What is disrespectful about wearing a short dress?” While Csar Emerson raised concerns about female (women) students safety, “It’s not disrespectful at all, but you can expect the bad guy to be nice just because you think this world should be safe. Since you can’t change the evil in this world, protect yourself. That’s common sense.”