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Why Reno Omokri constantly attacks Obi



Reno Omokri was an aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan

A former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has explained the reason for his love loss towards Peter Obi. 

Omokri, a staunch critic of Obi, is known for criticizing the former governor of Anambra State during and after the 2023 presidential election.

Before the election, Omokri, in several statements on X, eulogized Obi, describing him as one of the best leaders Nigeria has ever had.

However, the self-acclaimed ‘table shaker’ has also described Obi, among other things, as a leader who prioritizes the building of breweries over the building of schools.

The Chronicle NG reports that Omokri slammed Obi for building a $50 million brewery while failing to build a single school during his tenure as governor of Anambra State. An allegation Obi confirmed to be right.

The social media influencer has been at loggerheads with Obidients (a term for Obi supporters) over his incessant banter with the Labour Party chieftain.

In recent times, Omokri has been berated by Obidients for wearing a made-in-Aba shoe.

However, in a statement on his verified X page on Thursday, he noted that Obi’s failure to condemn the threat by Obidients on his daughter is the reason he constantly attacks him.

“If this man had only condemned his patients when they threatened my one-year-old daughter’s life, I would not have dealt with him like this. But he kept quiet and even subtly encouraged them,” the social media influencer wrote.

He adds, “You guys rightly condemn the bullying at Lead British School. What about what Obidients did to my one-year-old daughter?”

Furthermore, he vowed to continue with his criticism of Obi.

“Today and tomorrow, you will know the wrath of a father. I can forgive everything, but not that,” he added.