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‘What God cannot do doesn’t exist’ is a silly slogan – Patrick Doyle



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Ace Nollywood actor, Patrick Doyle has shared his thoughts about the slogan ‘What God cannot do doesn’t exist’.

The thespian stated that the slogan is silly while noting how other slogans ‘blunt the efficacy of profound scriptures’.

In a recent Facebook post, the thespian bemoaned that despite the fact that the slogan has been proven to be “nonsensical,” people still chant it.

He cautioned Christians to be wary of using phrases to avoid introducing “false teachings.”

“Some people are just too obstinate to admit their folly. Even though the slogan “What God cannot do doesn’t exist” has been proven to be silly, they still continue to chant it,” he wrote.

“The work of bringing things into existence was completed by God on the 7th day of creation. To speculate that some things “don’t exist” and couch that irrational possibility in a slogan is insulting. “Slogans, no matter how woke they sound, have the power of attrition to blunt the efficacy of profound scriptures,” Patrick Doyle added.

“A good example is the slogan “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” Over time, this slogan has become part of the “Christian Lexicon” and has insidiously introduced the false doctrine of “works of men” to supplant the profundity of the doctrine of the “Finished Work of Christ.” Here is a word of caution to Christian slogan copywriters: “If It Breeds Doubt, Do Without”.”

Popular Nigerian pastor, Jerry Eze often uses the phrase “What God cannot do doesn’t exist” in his daily sermons online.

Pastor Jerry Eze and Minister Dunsin Oyekan also released a song with the slogan as its title.

Many Christians have since adopted the slogan.