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Using Bonuses and Promos to Further Your Gaming Online



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Are you looking to explore the exciting world of online gambling? If so, first, find a reliable casino that offers your favourite games and secure payment methods. Your next consideration should be what online casino bonuses are available and how best to implement them. Here’s what you should know.

Build a Bonus Strategy

You might think that games are the only thing that requires a strategy to help you maximize your chances of winning, but you’ll soon realise that bonuses also deserve your attention. Familiarizing yourself with each enables making more informed decisions, guaranteeing an enjoyable and exciting gambling experience.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of DOs and DON’Ts when exploring the various online casinos’ bonus offers.

What to Do When Choosing an Online Casino Bonus

Some online casino bonuses may look too good to be true, which might be the case with some operators. So leave nothing to chance. Instead, protect yourself from unwanted scenarios, such as losing more money than you’ve ”planned” or can afford to, by doing the following:

Use the bonuses —Believe it or not, some players avoid claiming bonuses, seeing it as a waste of time and money. Yes, bonuses come with some conditions you must meet to enjoy them, but despite that, they are an excellent tool for boosting your bankroll and enhancing your gambling experience. From there, it’s up to you to find the best strategy for maximizing them.

Stick to your budget — Online bonuses are attractive, and it’s easy to get carried away and bet large sums (or more frequently) to be eligible for a bonus. Creating a budget is the first step to responsible gambling. However, defining how much financial means you can put into online casino games is not enough. You must be determined to stick to it.

Read the terms and conditions — Here’s the part where our illusion of how great bonuses are fades away. The fine print reveals what you must do to claim the bonus, withdraw it, and all the associated wins. Be sure to read the small print regarding wagering requirements, bonus limitations, bonus validity, and withdrawal limits. Otherwise, you will not know how best to use a given bonus.

Choose the bonuses tied to games you are not too good at — This one may come as a surprise, but observe it from this angle: suppose you don’t have much experience with slot games. In that case, opting for free spins is a good idea, as these free incentives allow you to learn more about the game’s rules, mechanics, and options and sharpen your skills.

Use the bonuses first — And by first, we mean even before you fund your account. In some cases, the bonus may be the only money you have in your account. How’s that possible, you may wonder? As a new member, an online casino may offer you a no-deposit bonus. To claim the free no-deposit bonus coupons, you must create an account, and in return, an online casino will reward you with a set amount immediately available for you to use. Even if you have deposited your money and got a bonus, first use the incentive.

What NOT to Do If You Want to Make the Most of Bonuses (and Your Overall Gambling Experience)

Now, let’s dive into the DON’Ts in online gambling, including casino bonuses.

Never chase losses — Many experienced players would most likely advise you to step back from the computer or put down your phone once you start losing. Online casino games can be highly addictive and stopping may be challenging, especially when things start going downward. Although you may think only one more round is enough to get you back on track, more often than not, that’s not the case, and you may end up losing more money and an opportunity to claim a new bonus.

Rely on your lucky charm to some (minimum) extent — This could be an unpopular opinion, but it’s in our nature to believe in something, a force, a higher power (whatever that may be) that could help us reach a desired goal. Online gambling isn’t very different and many individuals often have superstitious leanings. So, we say, have your lucky charm with you when playing, but be aware of one thing. Strategy, responsibility, patience, and following the rules will lead you to better gambling results with bigger and better bonus offers, not your daily horoscope.

The List of Online Casino Bonuses

Bonus offers vary between online casinos, but these are the options most commonly available on the market:

Welcome bonuses

  • No-deposit bonuses are offered to new players who register an account; as the name suggests, no deposit is required from the player’s end.
  • Deposit match bonuses are for players who make a deposit and receive a bonus matching a certain percentage of their money that could even be 100%, but often isn’t.

Regular promotions

  • Reload bonuses are similar to match deposit bonuses but are reserved for regular players.
  • Cash-back bonuses are offered to players to motivate them to keep playing after a few rounds of losses.

Special bonus offers

  • High roller bonuses are for players who deposit and bet on large sums.
  • Payment method bonuses incentivise players to use a specific payment method, such as e-wallets or cryptocurrencies.

It’s simple math – the more you play, the more attractive bonuses you can unlock. Still, nurturing the virtue of moderation is vital to a successful gambling experience.


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