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UK varsity faces £30 million deficit, VC to step down amidst financial challenges



University of Kent

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kent, Karen Cox who has occupied the position since 2017, will step down from her role next month, following a significant restructuring effort amidst a potential £30 million deficit.

The deficits are as a result of dwindling student recruitment compared to expanding Russell Group institutions and elevated dropout rates due to rising living costs.

Her deputy, Georgina Randsley de Moura,will assume the interim position starting May 22.

Restructuring plans

The university recorded an underlying deficit of £12 million in its latest financial report, projecting a larger shortfall exceeding £30 million for the current year.

To address these financial strains, a restructuring plan was introduced, initially proposing the closure of nine courses, later revised to six following consultations.

Additionally, recruitment for several disciplines, including anthropology and journalism, will cease, leading to their eventual phase-out. Initially, up to 58 jobs were at risk due to these changes.


Recently, Nairametrics reported that the University of Kent proposed a discontinuation of courses in modern languages, philosophy, and other disciplines, focusing instead on expanding subjects like law, business, and computing.

The university spokesman indicated that the university was responding to several financial challenges, including the fixed tuition fee, rising costs, and reduction in international student numbers.

He mentioned that this had prompted the university to explore changes to ensure it was well placed to grow in priority areas in the future.

These changes are certain to affect the interest of Nigerians in pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom.


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