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U.K. government increases student visa application fee by 285%



UK student Visa

The government of the United Kingdom has announced an increase in student visa application fees from £127 to £490, an increase of 385%.

This was disclosed in a release by the Home Office yesterday. According to the release, the new cost will come into effect from October 4, following the new legislation being laid in Parliament.

Beyond the increase in student visa application fees, the British government also announced an increase in visit visa application fees from £100 to £115.

The statement said,

  • “Increases to immigration and nationality fees to pay for vital services and allow more funding to be prioritized for public sector pay rises are set to come into effect on 4 October, following legislation being laid in Parliament today (15 September).”
  • “The changes mean that the cost for a visit visa for less than six months is rising by £15 to £115, while the fee for applying for a student visa from outside the UK will rise by £127 to £490, to equal the amount charged for in-country applications.”

Reason for the increase

The Home Office reports that the increase will enable the office to run its immigration system without recourse to funding from British taxpayers.

It stated,

  • “Income from fees charged plays a vital role in the Home Office’s ability to run a sustainable immigration and nationality system.”
  • “Careful consideration is given when setting fees to help reduce the funding contribution from British taxpayers while continuing to provide a service that remains attractive to those wishing to work in the UK and support broader prosperity for all.”

Effective date

However, it should be noted that these increases are subject to deliberation from Parliament and are scheduled to come into effect from October 4, 2023.

It should be noted that the British government had in July announced a 15% increase in the cost of work visas and a 20% increase in the cost of priority student visas.

What you should know

The United Kingdom is the top destination for most Nigerian students looking to study outside the country.

In 2022, the U.K. granted over 65,000 student visas to Nigerians, an increase of 79% when compared to the preceding year.


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