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Tinubu: Let Nigerians die of hunger, it is their fault




A chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Buba Galadima, has berated Nigerians over the prevalent hunger and insecurity orchestrated by the President Bola Tinubu administration.

The staunch political critic stated his “support” for the Tinubu-led administration to deal with Nigerians.

Noting that he warned Nigerians against voting for the APC after experiencing the wrongs of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, Galadima mentioned that Nigerians should enjoy the consequences of their political choice.

Galadima, who spoke during an interview with ‘Untold Stories with Adesuwa,’ berated Nigerians over what he described as selling their votes to the APC during the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking on the prevalent hunger and high cost of living in Nigeria, Galadima stated, “I have nothing new to say… Let them die. It’s their fault… I am supporting Tinubu 100% to deal with Nigerians, so that when the next election comes, I will now see whether, when people bring money, you will vote for them or you will do your conscience.”

The elder statesman also advised Tinubu, saying, “One piece of advice I’ll give Tinubu, and he should know that this is the wisdom of our ancestors.

“If you’re a chief or a king, when everybody claps for you in the same pattern, you are in trouble because they are isolating you.

“So the best way to move forward is that all those close to you should never have one view. Let them disagree. That is what Europeans call divide and rule.

If they are all tagging together, it means there is something they’re doing behind you. That is what every ruler, chairman, and president should do.”