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Seyi Law fights with troll despite apology to Igbos



Seyi Law

Nigerian comedian and Nollywood actor Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Atelile, popularly called Seyi Law, has been involved in a war of words with an online troll.

An X user identified as Uncle Charles had berated Seyi Law for his comments on Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV), the Labour Party candidate in the 2023 Lagos state governorship election.

The comedian in a statement on X on Monday, stated that if his kids grow up to be like GRV, then they don’t have a right to rule over his people.

“I have said it repeatedly that if my children lack the culture of respect, honor, truthfulness, bravery, and traditional understanding of the Yoruba people, may they not be honored in Yoruba land. I am a very proud Yoruba man. You will be dead before I renounce it,” Seyi Law stated.

Describing the comedian as an “ignorant” fellow, Uncle Charles, in his reaction to the comedian’s tweet, alleged that Gbadebo is more of a Lagosian than Seyi Law.

“Imagine Seyi Law, a stack ignorant illiterate whose qualification is a roadside recharge card seller, using such bigoted words to address an MIT-trained architect, a son of the soil of Lagos State; a vibrant, young technocrat from Lagos State who can trace his ancestry as far back.”

Infuriated by the remarks, the Nollywood actor, who recently apologized to the Igbos for having delved into the politics, culture, and tradition of the region, noted that he is a bigger stakeholder in Lagos.

Saying he is more Lagosian “than the son of a returned slave,” Seyi Law replied to the critic, saying, “Your stupid father should have taught you that I am more of a stakeholder in Lagos than the son of a returned slave who decided to stay in Lagos.”

“I am an Ilaje of Mahin origin. Go and ask about us in Lagos before the partitioning of states,” he added.