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Senator Ningi resigns as chairman Northern Senators Forum after Suspension



Senator Abdul Ningi

The embattled federal lawmaker from Bauchi State, Senator Abdul Ningi, has announced his resignation as the chairman of the Northern Senators forum following his suspension as a member of the Red Chamber.

Ningi was earlier suspended by the Senate over his claim that the 2024 budget was padded with a N3.7 trillion additional funds.

Ningi had alleged that the National Assembly added N3.7 trillion to the initial proposed budget, emphasizing that the additional funds could not be traced to any stated project in the budget.

Reacting to the allegation, the Senate moved a resolution to suspend the lawmaker for three months.

According to the Senate, there is no evidence proving that the 2024 budget was padded as alleged by Ningi.

Meanwhile, Ningi tendered his resignation letter as the chairman of Northern Senators Forum following his suspension.

  • “I will like to resign my position as the chairman of the Northern Senators Forum. This is of course necessitated by unfolding events in the National Assembly, the North and the Nation at large.
  • “I will like to specially thank members of the forum for the opportunity given to me for the last eight months to spearhead this very important forum.
  • “I believe this forum is very important to the progress and development of Northern Nigeria,” the letter reads.


Earlier, the representative for Bauchi Central in the National Assembly, Senator Abdul Ningi, leveled accusations of budget padding against the Senate.

In an interview with BBC Hausa, Ningi reportedly indicted the National Assembly for padding the 2024 budget with a whooping sum of N3.7 trillon.

The Senate on Tuesday, however, suspended Senator Abdul Ningi due to his comments alleging that the National Assembly had padded the 2024 budget by an untraceable N3.7 trillion, not linked to any specific project.

Ningi had on Monday said he was ready to carry his cross, even if it means suspension from the upper legislative chamber.



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