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Sallah: Tinubu needs Nigerians’ support to move country forward





From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has urged Nigerians irrespective of political differences to support President Bola Tinubu in the spirit of Sallah celebration in order to move the country forward.

Comrade Alawuje particularly urged Nigerians to draw from the significance of the festival, noting that when God commanded prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, God later changed the object of the sacrifice with a ram.

Inn a Sallah message, the APC Chieftain noted that God is aware of the sacrifice by Nigerians and that by supporting President Tinubu, at the appropriate time, God will reward their sacrifices.

He enjoined Islamic scholars to use this festival period to pray for Nigeria and Nigerians, as well as emphasize the need for sacrifice as key to achieving the collective aspirations of the people.

“Nigerians must learn the inherent lessons in the Muslims festival of Eid-ul Adha, and why we always need to sacrifice, especially when we need Almighty God intervention,” he said.

“President Tinubu is leading both those who like him and those who do not like him. But as long as he remains the president, we must all support him in other for the country to move forward.

“Nigerians should sacrifice and pray more in order for Nigeria and President Tinubu to succeed. Sacrifice has become a necessity for the leaders and followers, if at all we all love this nation.

“It has become necessary for others to support the man who enjoyed the Almighty God support to survive the battle.

“Tinubu has been facing all these kinds of political battles twenty years before he eventually becomes the President.

“Nigeria has been having continuous setbacks since 1979 that we returned to democracy in the second Republic. The economy has gradually deteriorated because the system of the opposition in Nigeria is to celebrate the failure of the ruling party without considering that any failure of the ruling party is always adding more challenges for the new incoming generation including the incoming new generation leaders.

“My fellow Nigerians, Ibrahim, was faithful to God, so he ended up having a ram in replacement of his son. Let us be faithful, Almighty God has a better replacement of our whatever sacrifices we gave to this country back to Nigerians.

“The system needs to be sanitised, not only by the President dent alone, and the hands of all the previous leaders have to be on the deck.”. The statement said.

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