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Remi Tinubu reacts to Muslim cleric death threat, says ‘I’m too old to be afraid’



Senator Remi Tinubu wife of Bola Tinubu the presidential candidate of the APC

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, First Lady of Nigeria, has responded to an alleged death threat against her by a popular Islamic cleric, Sanusi Abubakar, based in Bauchi State.

The cleric, in a viral video, declared that Oluremi Tinubu deserved to die, adding that the Muslim/Muslim ticket that brought President Bola Tinubu to power was a scam.

The cleric had averred that the wife of the president, “being an infidel, should be put to death as provided for in the Quran.” He, however, did not provide any chapter or verse of the Quran to support his claim.

“Now, Tinubu, his wife, is an infidel. As an infidel, she is a leader among the infidels.

“God’s judgement says she must be killed. She’s a pastor… a leader of infidels (Christians); Allah says they must be killed…,” he had said.

During her recent visit to Bauchi State, the First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, said she did not feel threatened or scared by the cleric’s outburst.

She said, “I want to thank the Bauchi State governor for assuring me that I am safe, but I want to say that I am too old to be afraid.

“If God has granted me more than 60 years on earth, I shouldn’t be afraid of death.”

“I thank God that you encouraged me to come, and I want to say that Nigeria belongs to all of us. This is the time for us to unite more than ever before,” she added.

Governor Mohammed condemned the recent threat to the life of the First Lady and described it as a “national embarrassment.”

“I am particularly disappointed and frustrated that the death threats came from someone from Bauchi State.

“It is a national embarrassment that someone from Bauchi State would threaten the wife of the President.

“I want to apologise to the First Lady over the incident and assure her that the person will not be spared,” he said.

The Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Biliyamin, dispelled insinuations that Bauchi is not a peaceful state.

“The First Lady’s visit is a powerful symbol of the peace and progress of Bauchi State,” he declared.

Chronicle NG reported in February that the Muslim cleric, Abubakar, who called for the killing of Remi Tinubu, has reached out to the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), retracted his words, and apologized.