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Remi Tinubu berates rich citizens without empathy for poor Nigerians



Senator Remi Tinubu wife of Bola Tinubu the presidential candidate of the APC

Nigerian First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu, has berated rich citizens in the country for showing a lack of empathy for the plights of the poor among them.

The former lawmaker said this in an interview with Arise News, in which she blamed rich Nigerians for preferring to spend huge amounts of money on parties to render help to their neighbours in need.

She said, “Nigerians can help each other; the rich are doing parties and all that; why don’t we use the money to help their neighbours?

“Until we can really get on our feet, those are the things we have to look at. It is not that the government has to begin giving food to everybody. I believe in social development and social investment for people who really need it. And in the Bible, they even talked about it. In the time of Jesus, they even said the poor will always be in the land, and it is for you people who God has blessed to help the poor.

“But now, you don’t know who is poor; if they don’t drive a car, they will say they are poor; if they don’t have their own home, they will say they are poor.”

The first lady in January urged Nigerians to intensify their prayers to seek God’s intervention in the security crisis facing the country.

Remi Tinubu said this while reacting to the rescue of five sisters of the Al-Kadriyar family who were kidnapped in the Bwari area of Abuja.

The first lady described prayers as the solution to the incessant kidnappings carried out by terrorists, bandits, and other criminals across the country.

Remi Tinubu said prayers should be considered the first weapon Nigeria has to curb insecurity, and they should not be taken lightly henceforth.