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Police investigate death of three siblings in a borrowed car



Nigeria Police 3

Victor Olaiya, the Kwara State Police Commissioner, has ordered a discreet probe into the deaths of three siblings who suffocated to death in a car parked on the premises of their Ilorin home on Sunday.

The three children, two girls, and a boy, were reportedly choked to death inside a car rented by their father on Sunday afternoon while their mother went out to purchase noodles.

On Monday, operatives of the police visited the residence at No. 8, Boluke Lane, Sango-Kulende quarters of the Ilorin metropolis, where the three siblings had reportedly died in the said car on a fact-finding mission.

However, they were unable to enter the premises because the gate was locked and no one was present to welcome them.

The police then went to the family home of the late siblings’ mother, Shade Silifat, at Ile Magaji, Taiwo Isale Road, Ilorin, where she was recovering from the incident.

She was reported to have fainted as a consequence of shock after learning of her children’s terrible deaths while returning from the shop where she had gone to buy noodles on Sunday.

Furthermore, it was gathered that the police operatives questioned the mother for not reporting the matter officially to the police.

According to a family source, the woman’s family wishes to settle the situation internally before the police become involved since the state commissioner asked the SIB to conduct a discreet investigation in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

Meanwhile, the landlord of the apartment where the siblings perished has served a quit notice on their father, Abdulkadir Jimoh, who has gone into hiding since the terrible incident on Sunday afternoon.

Abdulkadir, a barbershop owner in Oke-Andi, Sango, was believed to have borrowed the car that killed the three children from his sister for the naming ceremony of his second wife’s newborn nine days earlier.