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Paul Enenche’s image rescued police officer from kidnappers 



Pastor Paul Eneche general overseer of Dunamis International

A Nigerian, Don “Tobechukwu” Ade, claimed on Sunday that the image of Paul Enenche, the founder and lead pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, rescued a Nigeria police officer from kidnappers.

Ade, in an X post, said that “Last year, an officer of the Nigeria Police Force in Rivers State was on his way home in the evening, and unknowing to him, he boarded the wrong vehicle (name and picture withheld for security and safety reasons).”

“He was kidnapped from that point and was taken through a thick forest with a few others to a place that looked like a settlement on its own, a camp of some sort. It had some buildings like people were living there, but there were only 2 groups of people there: the daredevil ritualists and the kidnapped.”

“They were stripped of all they had. He was expecting they would request a phone number to call for ransom, but that was never going to happen. He saw men and women being taken to a slab to be slaughtered like rams. He knew the end had come for him. He thought of his wife and kids at home and wept bitterly.

As a Muslim man, he said all the prayers he could and resigned to fate that indeed his end has come.”

“Some several hours later, his batch of “kidnapees” were brought out to be slaughtered for ritual purposes. He saw how another vehicle came in with another batch. Blood and body parts are everywhere. He wept profusely as those ahead of him were laid down, beheaded, and chopped by their fellow human beings.”

“When it was his turn, he was laid down to be slaughtered. Tears rolled down his face to his ears. He looked into the sky and thought about his wife and kids, and his mind strayed to his neighbour’s door, which had a sticker with just Dunamis on it.

His neighbour had always preached to him to give his life to Christ and also invited him to his church, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, but he never gave it a thought. His mind flashed to the picture of Dr. Paul Enenche he had seen before from a flier.”

“As he lay there, he closed his eyes in tears and said that if truly the God his neighbour had been talking to him about is real, he should save him; that if truly the God Dr. Paul Enenche calls upon is real, he should show up. He said if that happened, he would serve that God forever.”

“As soon as he mustered that under his breath and the person to chop off his head raised his hand with the machete, all of a sudden, everywhere froze.

To him, it was like he was in a movie. The executioner, the other kidnappers, the victims, and every living thing around them froze. He blinked his eyes to be sure of what was happening. In a blink of an eye, he saw a man approaching him who had the face of Dr. Paul Enenche.”

“The man held him by the hands, took him off the slab, and walked him out of the kidnappers den. Even as they walked out, everything still froze, with the man about to chop him off still having his machete lifted above the slab. The man walked him through the forest, and as they approached the main road, he found himself alone.”

“He got home, narrated his ordeal to his family, and he and his entire household today have turned to Jesus.”

“God created time and space; hence, we can do anything within the confines of time and space. He is the Almighty.”

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