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Over 200 school children abducted in Kaduna



Map of Kaduna

More than 200 schoolchildren were kidnapped from the Local Government Education Authority School in Kuriga, a northern town, marking the most significant mass abduction since 2021.

This is according to a report from Reuters. The incident occurred shortly after morning assembly, plunging families and the nation into a state of alarm.

According to Reuters, Sani Abdullahi, a teacher at the school stated that the kidnappers took 187 students from the secondary section and 40 from the primary section. This alarming figure was compiled in collaboration with the parents of the missing children.

While some were later released by the gunmen, others managed to escape on their own. The reason behind this partial release remains unclear, as does the fate of the remaining students.

What is the trigger for this: The community has attributed this tragic incident to a glaring lack of security in the area, a concern that has now culminated in the abduction of over 200 children. Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna State, visited Kuriga, pledging efforts to secure the students’ release, though details of the rescue plan remain unspecified.

Families fear the worst

Meanwhile, the families of the victims are left in anguish, with Fatima Usman, a parent of two abducted children, expressing a desperate hope for divine intervention.

  • Hassan Abdullahi, another affected parent, revealed that local vigilantes had made a valiant but ultimately futile attempt to thwart the kidnappers, buttressing the community’s vulnerability.
  • Abdullahi, who has seventeen children among the abducted, voiced his despair over the government’s neglect of their security needs.

International human rights organization Amnesty International has called upon Nigerian authorities to ensure the safe return of the abducted students and to bring those responsible to justice.

What this affects

  • This incident is part of a distressing trend of kidnappings for ransom in northern Nigeria, severely impacting daily life and the educational pursuits of thousands of children.
  • The memory of a similar abduction in July 2021, which saw over 150 students kidnapped from a Kaduna school, looms large, with those children only reunited with their families after ransom payments, highlighting a continuing cycle of violence and extortion.
  • The mass kidnapping in Kuriga not only deepens Nigeria’s security crisis but also poses significant economic threats. These incidents deter foreign investment, crucial for the nation’s growth, as investors seek stable environments.
  • Disruptions in education and local economies due to such kidnappings can also directly impact poverty levels, hindering economic development.

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