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Only Madonna University produces virgin graduates



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Reverend Father Emmanuel Edeh, the founder of Madonna University, Nigeria, has boasted that female students who enroll in the university as virgins always graduate as virgins because of the high morals instilled in them.

Edeh revealed this in a video posted by Channels Television on Wednesday while highlighting the university’s focus on morals and discipline.

According to him, when people from abroad come to him seeking to marry a virgin, the only way is to come to Madonna University.

He said, “Madonna is a university where there is no secret cultism, molestation, examination malpractice, no bullying, and zero tolerance for hard drugs. zero tolerance for sexual immorality.

“It is only in this university that it is maintained that girls who enter the university as virgins graduate as virgins. They enter our university as virgins, and they graduate as virgins.

“Tell me any other university in the whole world that can maintain this. That is why people from London, America, England, and Germany when I meet them, will say, Father, we want to marry a girl who is a virgin. And the only way to do that is to come to Madonna University.”

Edeh also mentioned that students must live on campus and that both students and lecturers must meet tight attendance criteria, with students receiving less than 85% attendance and lecturers receiving less than 100% course coverage facing fines.

He said, “Madonna University admits students from all walks of life; we don’t discriminate. Madonna University is unique; it is known for high morals and discipline; thus, its motto is Decency in Academics and Morals.

“This is why any student who fails to meet the required 85% attendance requirement in any course will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Also, lecturers who fail to cover 100% of their course outlines are sanctioned.

“Number 2, 100% residency is offered to all students. That means we don’t allow our students to live in hotels or any other place and start coming to the school.

“Our 100 percent boarding system on the university campus enhances effective monitoring, guidance, and counseling, and with all the levels of management to know the students better, for more appropriate guidance.”

Madonna University, founded in 1999, is Nigeria’s first private Catholic university. It also has three campuses: Elele, Rivers State; Okija, Anambra State; and Akpugo, Enugu State.