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One killed as Osun communal crisis worsens, government calls for peace



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The dispute between indigenes of the Ifon-Osun and Ilobu communities in Osun State has reportedly worsened, with one person shot and killed in the area last night.

In an effort to alleviate the issue, the state authorities placed a 24-hour curfew on the settlements two weeks ago.

However, the problem flared up again on Wednesday night, murdering a commercial motorcyclist.

Meanwhile, security forces such as the police, army, and civil defence have been dispatched to the area to prevent additional breakdowns of law and order.

Kola Adewusi, the state’s Deputy Governor, led top government officials to the area earlier today.

Speaking to reporters in front of the Ilobu police station, Adewusi expressed his dismay at the issue and urged the warring factions to embrace peace.

While stressing that the government will take more measures to bring the situation under control, he hinted at imposing another 24-hour curfew to prevent travel between the two warring areas.

“The whole place is deserted and there is evidence that there is a very big problem at hand, but I thank God the security chiefs around have moved into action. They are taking charge of the whole situation, the situation has been brought under control and whatever the government needed to do we are not leaving any stone unturned.

“The security chiefs are having meeting now to make sure that the whole thing is doused completely and all the Obas and Chiefs in the area have been invited to meet with the governor today by 4 pm. I can pre-empt some of the actions, there is going to be a total shutdown of the whole town, a 24 hours curfew, it’s like the other one is not being effective.

“The security chiefs have assured us that this time around there is going to take charge and there won’t be any movement at all within the two communities that are causing problems,” the Deputy Governor said.