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Omokri blasts Emeka Gift over claims ‘FG is targeting Igbos’



Reno Omokri was an aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan

Reno Omokri has condemned, in totality, the statement by Emeka Gift over the arrest of controversial Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). 

Gift, in a statement on Saturday, alleged that the EFCC and the federal government are using the arrest of Bobrisky as a decoy to target the Igbos.

His statement comes on the heels of the arrest of the cross-dresser by operatives of the EFCC.

Reacting to the arrest and arraignment of the cross-dresser, Emeka commented, “They used Bobrisky’s case to target the Igbos. He pleaded guilty, and they sentenced him to five days of imprisonment.

“On the 9th of April, he will be freed. Their target is the Igbos. They just used Bobrisky to water the group of possible clamping down on Igbos. Our people should be careful.”

Reacting to the claims by the Igbo apologist, Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, described Emeka as someone suffering from the “psychological disorder of narcissism.”

Commenting that only “paranoid” people would believe Emeka’s claims, Omokri noted that the President Bola Tinubu-led administration has directly impacted the Igbo nation.

Omokri noted that Tinubu has appointed Ndi’igbos to strategic positions and offices in the country.

Omokri also commented that Tinubu, a Yoruba man, “facilitated Air Peace to become the only Nigerian airline to have direct flights to the United Kingdom via London Gatwick Airport, which is owned by another Yoruba man, named Bayo Ogunlesi.”

Stating that the EFCC is not witch-hunting any tribe in the country, Omokri, the self-acclaimed ‘Table Shaker’ noted that “a similar thing happened to the more popular Funke Akindele.”

Omokri’s statement reads, “Dear Emeka, Thank you for your interesting insight. While your accusation against the government and the Yorubas may have some merit, if one is paranoid, perhaps we should consider what cannot lie: the facts.

“How come the same government that is prosecuting Bobrisky, a Yoruba man, for, according to you, the sole purpose of targeting unknown Igbo people, also facilitated Air Peace to become the only Nigerian airline to have direct flights to the United Kingdom via London Gatwick Airport, which is owned by another Yoruba man, named Bayo Ogunlesi?

“If the Nigerian government and the Yoruba are as anti-Igbo as you postulate, would it not have been very easy for them to frustrate Air Peace, bearing in mind that a Yoruba person is President of Nigeria, while another Yoruba owns Gatwick Airport and two other UK airports?

“Do you know how easy it would have been for the Tinubu administration to have frustrated the Geometric Power Plant currently providing almost uninterrupted power supply to Aba? But rather than frustrate it, they facilitated it.

“For eight years of Buhari, the Igbo did not get one service chief. Today, our beloved Ndi’Igbo people have the Chief of Naval Staff. But when President Tinubu appointed Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla as the CNS, it was our beloved brethren from the Southeast who accused him of being a “non-Igbo-speaking Igbo.” None of us even knew that such a thing existed before the accusation was thrown up.

“Emeka, are you sure your enemies are external? Is it possible that they are internal?

“Emeka, is it not possible that Bobrisky’s is just a routine arrest of a person who violated the law and has nothing to do with the person’s tribe, religion, or gender? A similar thing happened to the more popular Funke Akindele.

“Culturally, it is the Yoruba who spray Naira as a custom. If anyone is to be arrested on that score, it is more likely to be a Yoruba person. This is just pure mathematical probability.

“Please fact-check me: one of the traits of the psychological disorder of narcissism is to constantly claiming to be a victim, when, in fact, it is another person who is a victim.

“In this case, Bobrisky is the victim, but you, who have not been arrested, have instead dismissed him as a victim and taken that toga for yourself.

“Anyway, thanks again, and may God bless you and Ndi’Igbo.”