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Ogun Govt solicits U.S. partnership in developing critical sectors



1696490315 Governor Dapo Abiodun

The Ogun State government, under the leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun, has expressed its interest in establishing a partnership with the United States to enhance the development of critical sectors within the state’s economy.

Governor Abiodun made this request during a meeting with Mr. Will Stevens, the American Consul General to Nigeria, who led a five-member delegation on a courtesy visit to the governor’s office in Abeokuta on Wednesday.

The governor emphasized that Ogun State views the United States as a valuable partner in various areas, including economic growth, effective governance, security, environmental sustainability, and the development of human capital.

He highlighted the state’s reputation for having a highly educated population and a sophisticated political culture, likening it to the “New Jersey of Nigeria” and a prominent industrial hub in West Africa.

Governor Abiodun stressed the importance of drawing from the American experience to further advance the state’s development agenda.

He outlined his administration’s priorities, which encompass infrastructural development, social welfare and well-being, education, human capital development, youth empowerment, agriculture, and food security.

He also mentioned the ongoing construction of an Agro Cargo International Airport in Iperu, Ikenne Local Government Area, designed to enhance the exportation of agricultural and non-agricultural products, describing it as a significant development in import and export promotion.

What he said:

  • “My administration at inception in 2019, assembled a team made up of highly resourceful technocrats and cerebral policy architects and conceptualised a transformational philosophy.
  • “My administration focused on Infrastructural Development, Social Welfare and Well-being, Education and Human Capital Development, Youth Empowerment, Agriculture and Food Security.
  • “In our quest to make the state first destination for investors in Nigeria, my administration is currently constructing an Agro Cargo International Airport at Iperu, Ikenne Local Government Area of the state.
  • “The project is strategically designed to create the needed infrastructure to boost exportation of agricultural and non-agricultural goods.
  • “By its structure and business plan, the Cargo Airport remains a game-changer in our import and export promotion efforts.”

Additionally, Governor Abiodun expressed his appreciation for the United States’ commitment to democratic governance and its support for electoral reforms in Nigeria.

U.S.’ commitment to enhancing the development of Ogun State’s critical sectors

In his remarks, Consul General Stevens explained that his role involves promoting U.S. trade and investment in specific regions of Nigeria.

He noted that U.S. companies are already making substantial investments in Ogun State and are eager to explore opportunities for further U.S. trade and investment.

Stevens also highlighted the potential for job creation and opportunities for Nigerian youth in the taxation sector, which has seen significant growth and investment, particularly in the South West region of Nigeria.

  • In his words, “U.S. companies are already making incredible investments in the state and are seeking opportunities for increased U.S. trade and investment.
  • “We also talked about the tax sector, I think there are incredible opportunities right now to find jobs and opportunities for Nigerian youths to participate in the tax sector.
  • “We have seen the explosion of growth and investment in that sector throughout Nigeria, particularly in the South West”

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