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NSCDC boss warns officers against accidental discharge



Men of the NSCDC

Olusola Odumosu, Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Federal Capital Territory Command, issued a warning on Thursday to 532 corps against unintentional discharge.

Odumosu issued the warning during the passing out parade for the 532 officers 2023 recruits after six months of training in Abuja.

Last Thursday, Ahmed Audi, the Commandant General of the NSCDC, unveiled three recently acquired gun vehicles from the NSCDC FCT Command as well as the command’s Special Tactical Squad. Audi instructed operatives to only use guns on criminals.

Meanwhile, the commandant urged the 532 personnel to be vigilant in their duties and to handle weapons professionally.

“Today is another epoch-making occasion in the history of the NSCDC FCT Command: the passing out parade of 532 officers and 2023 recruits after six months of rigorous training.

“You have been trained in weapons handling. This is one aspect of your job that you have to tread with the utmost caution.

“In NSCDC, there is nothing like accidental discharge. Once you find yourself holding a weapon, rules of engagement must continually sound in your head. Your rifle is as safe as you want it to be.

“Note also that you are also expected to maintain a high level of discipline, professionalism, and competence in the discharge of your duties. Your uniform and weapon must not be used to intimidate or harass any citizens,” the commandant warned.

The commandant stated that they would be deployed to departments, units, area commands, divisions, and outposts.

He also warned, “It is an offence to lobby for deployment. Wherever you find yourself, give it your best.

“Be warned that this is a regimented organisation with zero tolerance for any acts of indiscipline. Here there is no unionism, no activism, and no aluta continua. Respect for and regard for seniority is mandatory, irrespective of age and size.

“Let me quickly let you know that your being confirmed as staff of the NSCDC does not imply that you have arrived. You must shun bribery and other forms of corrupt practices.”