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Northern women have become something else



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A social media influencer, Lanre Popoola, has alleged that the high level of moral decadence amongst women in the country has spread to all parts of the nation.

While replying to a statement on the X page of Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, on Monday, Popoola alleged that women from the northern part of the country are not exempted from the prevalent moral decadence.

The statement by Omokri appraised the moral virtues of women in the North of Nigeria as against those of their counterparts in the South.

Lanre Popoola noted that while many see northern ladies as chaste, they are ‘women of easy virtues.’

Reno Omokri is a controversial social media influencer

He stated that “if not for the fear of Sharia,”  they would be no different from those in “Southern Nigeria.”

“If not for the fear of Sharia strength and their culture in the North, do you think they are different from the Southern Nigeria?

“Even with it, a lot of them have become something else. Everything in Nigeria has been corrupted.

“We only need God’s intervention.”