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Northern political elites are worse than Satan




Political elites from the northern part of Nigeria have been criticised for living in influence and affluence while the region lacks basic amenities.

Shehu Gazali Sadiq made the remarks in a statement on X on Tuesday while applauding Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election, for digging boreholes in the region.

While applauding Obi, Sadiq berated Northern political elites for allegedly failing to provide pipeborne water, boreholes, and other amenities.

His statement comes on the heels of backlash aimed at Obi by some political leaders in the region for allegedly building substandard boreholes for the populace in a community in Zaruia, Kaduna state.

Reacting to the allegations, Sadiq pointed out that the political elites in the region drink bottled water and even perform ablution with it,” while the masses drink water from streams.

His statement reads, Northern political elites drink bottled water and even perform ablution with it.

“They don’t care what the poor neighbours drink. Then an Igbo man from Anambra State is making his little effort to help the poor get some decent water, and you condemn it? You are wickeder than saten.”