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North is the headquarters of gays, cross-dressers in Nigeria, Nigerians say



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The northern part of Nigeria has been described by Nigerians as the headquarters of homosexuality, cross-dressing, and other LGBTQ-related activities. 

In various comments on X on Thursday, Nigerians berated the North over the prevalence of gays and cross-dressers in the region.

Their comment follows the ban on content and movies that depict cross-dressing by the Kano state government.

Describing them as “Yan daudi,” a Hausa term for gays and cross-dressers, several X users decried their prevalence in major northern states like Kano, Kaduna, and Bauchi state, among others.

“The hypocrisy in the north is top-notch. Yan daudu has been operating for several years and is still operating as we speak,” an X user, Gesture Emmanuel, said.

“The hypocritical Kano won’t see this; it’s Bobrisky’s own that’s entering their eyes. I am not in any way supporting what he did, but it’s hypocrisy I detest,” he added.

M. Madgie stated that the allegation of gays and cross-dressers in the North is “very true! My aunt told me about young men who left one sleeve of their singlet down to denote their status.

“They were very good cooks and hilarious gossips, and ‘big’ men were their boyfriends. Their nickname was something like ‘dan daudu”.

In his reaction, Albari Alasooke said, “So I learned from my recent encounter with a northern resident that the northerners have the highest number of gays, but they don’t make noise about it.”

Alleging that gays and cross-dressers had “Alhaji clients,” Kwata Maskus said, “Yan daudi, we had them in Bauchi and Zaria back in the day; some of them ran restaurants and had Alhaji clients.”

For Olutayo, he said, “Same-sex relationships, drug abuse, bestiality, etc. are all common in the North, but they keep it low-key.”

Gabriel Kolade Miet noted that “Kano, Sokoto, and Yola have been the headquarters of cross-dressers in Northern Nigeria.”

He added that “they are gradually entering Kaduna. Honestly, some political forces are sponsoring their lifestyle because those guys are well-funded.”

Adeiza Durojaiye also said, “Yes, cross-dressers are very much in the northern part of Nigeria; they dress like females, act like females, and also bear female names like Hauwa, Aisha, Halimat, etc. They used to call them yan daudu.

Debby Ojebor, in her comment, said, “I remember they married themselves while growing up in Kaduna. Dan daudu, that’s the name they were called.’

She also lamented that “society is losing values and sanity real fast. May God help the next generation.”