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‘No 20-hour electricity supply in Nigeria’, TUC says tariff hike unacceptable 




The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has stated that no Nigerian enjoys 20 hours of electricity supply per day, noting that the new electricity tariff hike is unacceptable.

TUC’s deputy president, Tommy Etim, disclosed this in his statement on Wednesday.

Recall that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission approved a 250 percent electricity tariff hike for electricity customers in Band A, homes in urban areas.

NERC said customers with a 20-hour power supply, which falls under Band A, will pay N225 per kilowatt, up from N68.

However, TUC has faulted the Nigerian government, saying it is only interested in revenue generation at the expense of citizens’ survival.

“The government is being insensitive to the plights of citizens. They believe so much in revenue generation to the detriment of the citizens’ survival.

“Let me state that the hike in the electricity tariff from N66/kWh to N225/kWh for those who enjoy electricity supply for 20 hours per day is unacceptable and a recipe for individual unrest.


“This shows that Nigeria is not ready for 24-hour electricity supply. As we speak, you cannot point out anywhere in Nigeria that people are enjoying 20 hours of electricity supply, not even at the airport, where it is expected for economic reasons.

“The government has goofed again, especially at this time of socioeconomic challenges where the cost of living is very exorbitant and the workers’ salaries remain static,” he stated.

Recall that Nigeria’s electricity supply has been erratic since January 2024.