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NLC Northwest zone proposes N485,000 as minimum wage for workers




The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in the Northwest zone has proposed that the new National Minimum Wage should be N485,000 for workers across the nation.

Nairametrics learnt that this proposition was outlined in a paper delivered during the North West Public hearing on Thursday.

The event which is part of the Tripartite Committee on National Minimum Wage discussions, took place at the Coronation Hall, Government House, Kano.

What he said

Mr. Kabir Inuwa, the Kano State Chairman of the Congress, presented the proposal on behalf of the Northwest leadership, citing the changing conditions of the national economy as the rationale behind the proposed N485,000 figure.

  • “It is imperative to propose a new minimum wage that reflects the cost of living and ensures a decent standard of living for workers.
  • “The proposed new minimum wage per month should be determined through a comprehensive assessment of the current economic conditions, inflation rates, and basic needs of workers and their families.
  • “The congress is of the opinion that for any minimum wage to achieve its purpose, it must reflect realities of the economic situation and accordingly assess the least income that would be sufficient for the survival of a family of six,” Inuwa said.

He explained further that this figure represents the estimated monthly expenditure for a household, consisting of a father, mother, and four children

The NLC leader also emphasized that the Minimum Wage Act provides all necessary protections to guarantee adherence.

  • This may be initiated by an individual or trade unions. The lack of awareness of the existing laws constitutes rampant contravention of the law, most especially by some state and local governments. 
  • “If the labour unions can initiate a mechanism to explore the provision of the law, it would record minimum defaults,” he said.

Enforcing compliance by the Federal Government

He thus underscored the necessity for the Federal Government’s intervention to enforce compliance by withholding allocations from any state or public institutions that violate the minimum wage law.

  • The removal of fuel subsidy and Forex policy came at a time when Nigeria’s minimum wage is matured for review.
  • “The attendant effect of the current economic hardship propelled by hyperinflation renders workers vulnerable,” he said.


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