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NIN/BVN Linkage: Nigerians lash out over CBN’s directive




The Central Bank, through Nigerian banks, has recently sent out notifications urging customers to link their National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN). 

However, the hashtag #NIN/BVN has been trending on X, with numerous customers expressing concerns about the emotional and physical turmoil involved in the rush to complete the linkage.  

While some customers view this as a redundant process due to the documentation already required during the account opening, Nairametrics discovered that many may have linked their BVN but have not yet linked their NIN, as mandated by the new directive.  

For tier 2 and 3 accounts and wallets, the CBN’s directive stipulates that they must be linked with both BVN and NIN, whereas tier 1 accounts have the option of linking with either BVN or NIN.

Bank sources indicate that some customers who linked their BVN have discrepancies in their details and will need to rectify these to prevent potential account blocks.  

Despite the challenges, several bank customers are expressing frustration and calling on the CBN to reconsider introducing self-service features to enable customers to carry out this process without enduring long queues at the bank. 

What Nigerians are saying 

Samuel Ajayi 

  • I hope banks in Nigeria are not expecting people to come physically to link NIN and BVN What do they want Nigerians in diaspora to do if it can’t be done online?


  • Dear @cenbank, Please, kindly ask banks in Nigeria to create a self-service in the apps or anything to ease the linking of NIN and BVN. The country is hard. Queuing people up in this economy because of this exercise is a whole lot. Please help the people! Thanks.


  • You can actually link through their online bank web page. I did mine through same…GTB and stanbic ibtc.


  • Do these banks really expect us to line up to verify abi validate NIN and BVN in 2024? What manner of backwardness is this? Why can’t they make it available on their mobile apps like Opay did? Anyway, block the accounts. I’m not going to queue up for anything.


Sinzu baba 

  • CBN asking NIN and BVN to be linked but don’t your banks already have this data so can’t they just internally prompt you add from mobile phone ?


  • Got the message from my bank, went to the website to link but was told my data is up to date. But when I used the USSD I got a message that I needed to link the bvn. Can’t even go to a bank branch cuz… Confused af 


  • Why can’t these banks allow NIN and BVN linkage through their mobile app? Won’t that be more seamless?! 


  • It’s just dawning on me that Why are we linking NIN and BVN again, Is BVN not suppose to link all our identities? Dear banks just bring out an online channel to do this please. 


  • They like Making us suffer for nothing in this country Which is one linking of NIN and BVN to bank account …again?? Only one data capture is enough!! It’s not as if they use it to do anything unto you offend the government SMH We should just laminate ourselves.

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