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Nigerians slam Tinubu’s aide for internet outage comparison in Africa



Bayo Onanuga says President Buhari predicted annulment of June 12 1993 presidential elections2

Nigerians have taken to social media to rebuke the media aide to the presidency for the Africa internet blackout comparison suffered since Thursday.

Media aide to Bola Tinubu, Bayo Onanuga, on his X page said, “Disruption to internet services in Nigeria is medium, following the damage to undersea cables. At 67 percent,it is not as terrible compared to the severe outage suffered by Ivory Coast, down to 4 percent, or the very high outage (17–23%) being experienced by Liberia and Benin Republic, data by Netblocks, the internet watchdog, shows”.

Reacting to Onanuga’s post, he was chastised for speaking outside his purview, which was perceived as an irrelevant political statement and a mockery of other African nations for the unforseen outage.

Tunde Daniels wrote, “It’s not always right that we start comparing ourselves with other countries whenever something bad happens in this country. It shows we are irresponsible and unserious about solving our own problems.”.

King Arthur said, “This is what happens when you’re playing defence, but no one is attacking you. You invent the Internet downtime Olympics and declare that you’re winning.”

“We do understand why the internet is not working, but this comparison is far lower than what we expected from the presidency. What do you intend to prove with this tweet? Citizen for ethical governance asked Onanuga in disappointment”.

Queen Bee described Tinubu’s aide as “shallow.” She said, “This Bayo Onanuga guy is too shallow to even speak on behalf of a local council chief to talk more of a governor or a higher authority.

“He has never denied a bad situation; instead, he’ll argue that it’s not the worst of the worst.”

“Mr. Man, go and learn; PR has gone beyond this level.”

She asked, “What’s your business with the internet disruption that affected private operators?

Are you now their spokesperson?

Is it part of the Renewed Hope Agenda?’

You haven’t done your own job well, and you’re delving into someone else’s domain. Tinubu is a disaster, Queen Bee added.

Steven Donalds alleged, “This Onanuga is a huge disgrace to Tinubu’s administration. He’s a terrible representation of the presidency.”

“He wants to tell us that Nigeria is doing extensively well in terms of data performance.” A useless media aide, Nze Barth added.

“In a desperate move to stop social media activities in Nigeria, Bola Tinubu and his cohorts have eaten undersea cables, which led to the disruption of internet services across the nation,” Michael Emiabata remarked sarcastically.

“You type faster than you think or than your brain allows; too many of your own goals come from you,” April World alleged.