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Nigerians react to tributes for Herbert Wigwe by Dangote, Agbaje, Sanwoolu, others



Dangote Sanwoolu Wigwe

On Monday, distinguished corporate professionals and political figures in Nigeria gathered to commemorate and honor the legacy of the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Corporation Plc, Herbert Wigwe.

The event held at Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos-brought together dignitaries from the public and private sectors.

Notable attendees included Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote, Minister of Finance Wale Edun, governors of Lagos and Ogun states, the Central Bank of Nigeria governor, and various bank chief executives, all of whom delivered heartfelt speeches.

The emotional highlight of the evening was Aliko Dangote, visibly moved and holding back tears, as he shared touching anecdotes about his close ties with Herbert Wigwe.

Dangote referred to Wigwe as a devoted friend, mentee, and supporter, expressing profound gratitude for the warmth of their friendship. In a momentous announcement, Dangote unveiled plans to immortalize Herbert Wigwe by naming the road leading to the Dangote Refinery as the “Herbert Wigwe Road.

The news of Dangote’s decision reverberated widely, prompting an influx of reactions from Nigerians. The feedback from other dignitaries who attended also contributed to the outpouring of sentiments.

Social media platforms, especially X, experienced a surge in activity as individuals took to sharing their key takeaways from Wigwe’s life and legacy.

What Nigerians are saying

Tolu Ogunlesi

  • “Listened to tributes to Herbert Wigwe at this memorial event. So many personal stories. I was just there wondering—how did he keep so many things going at the same time AND ALSO keep so many people so close to him,showing full interest in what they were doing. Remarkable, really.” 

Morris Monye

  • “Hear Segun Agbaje. Group MD/CEO GTB Herbert Wigwe joined GTB around 91, Herbert gained respect. Himself and Segun became Executive Director on the same day at GTB. Now as ED, you had to go to Harvard for a 3 months course. Segun and Herbert go to Harvard, Herbert comes back and decides that he needs to have his own bank. Segun remains at GTB and becomes MD. Herbert and Aig now build Access bank. Segun and Herbert become fierce rivals, friends and admirers. Beautiful love story.” 


  • The one thing I take from everyone that gave tributes to Herbert Wigwe was how large his heart was. He was running one of the largest financial organisations in West Africa, and he still found time to be there for people as well as supporting and showing up for them. It aligns with my ethos that the hallmark of any human being still remains the community you build, the laughter you share, and the people whose lives you touch. 

Dr Toks

  • “Rest in Peace Dr. Herbert Wigwe. Thank you for everything you did for my family, thank you for the personal advice, and thank you for making me understand that my dreams are attainable. During our last meeting, you grilled me on corporate finance and I promised to come back better. I downloaded lots of CFA materials for my level 1 CFA. The day I pass the exam, I will surely dedicate it to you. On behalf of my family, I say thank you. Goodbye on earth and welcome to the boardroom in Heaven.”

Maxwell David-Taye

  • “Listened to tributes to Herbert Wigwe at the memorial event. I saw big men like Dangote cry, Gov Sanwolu’s speech was an emotional story of excellence. GTB CEO, Segun Agbaje couldn’t hold back his tears. Indeed, everybody lives but not everyone leaves a legacy. Herbert did well.” 

Alli Balogun

  • Yesterday was perhaps the longest I’ve paid rapt attention to and listened to Boda Jide @jidesanwoolu. The man spoke from the heart; his tribute to Herbert Wigwe was genuinely touching. 


  • “I aspire to be the kind of friend Herbert Wigwe was.

Ifeoluwa Aboyeji-Ogundeji

  • “Herbert Wigwe was a great man!!! What a great loss!”

Senator Adesewa

  • “Sir Herbert wigwe has inspired me to live a fruitful and a very impactful life. My life must be of impact it”. 

Oghenefego Ofilli

  • Watching the celebration of Herbert Wigwe’s life was quite inspiring. Some things I took from it all are to be your authentic self every single time and always be willing to give a helping hand when you can. God rest his soul & console the family he left on earth.


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The National Travel and Safety Board (NTSB) initiated an investigation into the Airbus Helicopters EC-130 crash near Halloran Springs, California. Preliminary reports on the crash by the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) indicated that the helicopter was engulfed in fire before its ill-fated crash, based on information received from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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