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Nigerians knock Aisha Yesufu over statement on Bobrisky’s arrest



Aisha Yesufu

Nigerians have berated Aisha Yesufu over her claims that the arrest of Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Olarewaju Okuneye, popularly called Bobrisky, is hypocritical. 

Chronicle NG reports that Bobrisky was arrested on Wednesday by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over alleged naira mutilation.

Calling his arrest “hypocrisy,” Yesufu noted that “cross-dressers were all over Kano before Bobrisky was conceived.”

Her comment comes on the heels of the ban on cross-dresser movies and content by the Kano State government.

In a statement on X on Thursday, she noted that cross-dressers are prevalent in Kano State.

“Cross-dressers were all over Kano before Bobrisky was conceived.

“Bobrisky still has things to learn from the original ones in Kano who don’t need surgery to transform. Yeah, let’s continue with the hypocrisy and make it a thing now,” her statement reads.

Reacting to Yesufu’s statement on X, Jimoh Haadi Oluwaseti stated that the BringBackOurGirls activist is “always on the wrong side of the truth.”

Ollybam Ala, in his reaction, said, “I’m very disappointed in you. The fact that you have cross-dressers in Kano doesn’t mean you should come out openly and rubbish what the Kano State Government is doing to help keep the state sane and moral.”

“People like Bobrisky should face the wrath of the law, and their lifestyles and acts shouldn’t be encouraged in society. Are you trying to justify Bobrisky’s immoral acts and doings? You shouldn’t do that. This is a nice step from the Kano State Government,” Ala added.

In another reaction on X, Alexander QM notes “As much as I love Aisha Yesufu, I would disregard this message.”

He added that “Kano state decisions to ban cross-dresser content are the right step to public decency.”

Furthermore, he said, “Even if it’s out of hypocrisy, as you stated, a change must begin somewhere, regardless of who makes that change.”

Describing Yesufu as a “hypocrite,” Jamil states, “Aisha, you are the hypocrite; if the previous government failed to address it and the present government is doing something about it, why is it a problem to you?”

Ismail Oduneye alleged in his response that Yesufu’s criticisms are always laced with “political bias.”

Oduneye said, “This is one reason why I will never take you seriously. Your criticisms are always spilled with political bias.”