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Nigerians in diaspora seek inclusion in FG’s scheme



1701574181 Bola Tinubu

Members of the Nigerian community in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, have urged the inclusion of students studying abroad in the student loan scheme.

Tunmise Ajiboye, representing community members at a meeting with the acting Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Cyprian Heen, on Saturday, urged him to lobby for the inclusion of foreign students in the government’s student loan scheme.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Ajiboye stated that allowing students abroad to participate in the loan scheme will help improve access to higher education for Nigerians studying abroad.

He also encouraged the government to assist students with exchange rates and foreign exchange, ensuring that they have access to competitive rates and aid in managing their financial demands.

He said, “As a representative of Nigerians living here in the United Kingdom, we are gathered here not just as individuals seeking education and economic breakthroughs but as a collective voice demanding support and recognition from our government back home.

“Therefore, today, we stand united in calling upon the Nigerian government to make the following requests:

“Diaspora voting: international passport renewal delivery by post in Nigeria and the diaspora.

“Support for the students in the exchange rate and FX; inclusion of Nigerians studying abroad in the proposed student loan programme of the Federal Government.

“Lastly, provide a platform for Nigerians living abroad who may want their children to get Nigeria’s state of origin.”