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Nigerians dance as the 2024 Hallelujah Challenge wraps



Hallelujah Challenge

The 2024 Hallelujah Challenge has left Nigerians in a merry mood as the event’s grand finale was held on Sunday.

The series of online praise sections, led by convener Nathaniel Bassey, featured praise, worship, and prayer sections led by local and foreign gospel music heavyweights.

The 20-day, hour-long online praise programme for the Lord which started on February 5, 2024, came to an end with Nathaniel Bassey singing Joe Testimony’s ‘Finally Finally’, a highlife praise song that has, over the years, left Nigerians in a dancing mood.

Every year, God inspires the convener, Nathaniel Bassey, to host daily praise sessions at specific times. It begins at 11:59 p.m. and consists of impassioned praises and prayers.

The Hallelujah Challenge has grown into a mountain of loud praises, ardent prayer, heartfelt worship, deliverance, breakthrough, miracles, and signs.

The Hallelujah Challenge was first held in 2017 from June 1 to June 30, and it followed the previous #tongueschallenge.

It all started with Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram Live video, where he streamed praise and worship from his living room. That original praise session drew tens of thousands of people from all around the world who came together online to praise God.

Editions of the Hallelujah Challenge sometimes (but not always) conclude with a festival held at a physical location. It includes time for praise, intercession prayer, and several testimonies.

The basic inspiration for the challenge is to worship God. As stated in the scriptures, when believers get together to thank God, He is inspired to accomplish more.

This year’s edition featured prayers and praise sections led by renowned Nigerian gospel artists such as Mercy Chinwo, Victoria Orenze, Joe Praise, Joe Testimony, and convener Nathaniel Bassey, among others.

It also featured international gospel artists such as Terry Macalmon and Ntokozo Mbambo, as well as a preaching section by renowned Nigerian preacher Apostle Joshua Selman.