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Nigerians criticize Odumeje, accuse cleric of using demonic chants



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The General Overseer of the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, popularly called Odumeje, has been accused of using demonic chants. 

Also popularly known as idaboski bahose, Some of his powers chants include, but are not limited to, abido-shaker, citadel, ribidu, sepere, ramade, ganduga-gandusa, refase-farel, palenbonskentele, and dabusskhabash.

Speaking on the self appointed cleric, Solomon Buchi, a social media influencer, asked in a statement on X, “Have you ever thought that all the seemingly funny, unintelligible words and phrases Odumeje says could be demonic spells?”

Responding to his question, Moradeyo berated Odumeje for allegedly making a mess of Christianity.

“That is very true. The guy just keeps making a mess of the Christian faith,” Moradeyo stated.

Ogechukwu described Odumeje as a comedian and not a pastor when she said, “Which Christian faith? Please, Odumeje is a comedian, the likes of Speed Darlington, not a pastor.”

Rowland Kelvin argues that “it’s only fools that see him as a Christian pastor. Have you ever seen him quote the Bible? He’s just a Sharman.”

For Bilkay, she states, “I don’t find the things he says funny. I don’t repeat them because I recognise they could be occultic.

“Same reason, I don’t watch Harry Potter, and no kid under my care is allowed to watch it. Don’t hold any magic wands, and don’t repeat any spells in my house. Not everything is a joke.”

Speaking more about the chants by Odumeje, Manuel argues, “What do you think it was before? This man listed out his powers one by one without making a mistake, and he said them fast.

“That’s something I’ve been reasoning about since day one since I heard that. This just proves that not every popular person online rose because God sent them.

Chris Mec noted that not only are the chants demonic, he does not condone them being said at his hearing.

“You can’t hear these words from me, and I tell anyone around me who said them not to repeat them in my presence again.

“You can’t start using strange words that haven’t been heard and deny that they’re not spells,” Mec said.