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Nigerians call Obi ‘hypocrite’ over visit to Nasarawa Mosque



Obi kerenrenke

Peter Obi’s visit to Nasarawa State has generated heated reactions from Nigerians, with many describing the Labour Party candidate in the 2023 presidential election as a “hypocrite.”

Chronicle NG reports that Obi paid a courtesy visit to Nasarawa State on Monday, where he was received by the state governor, Abdullahi Sule.

The Labour Party chieftain disclosed this in a statement on his verified X page on Tuesday.

According to his statement, he also met with the Emir of Lafia, Honourable Justice Sidi Bage Muhammad JSC Rtd.

Obi noted that the purpose of his visit to the state was to immerse himself “in learning about the experiences of our people, particularly during this special time of Ramadan, and to provide support to those facing hardships during these challenging times.”

Obi also disclosed that he used the opportunity to wine and dine with no fewer than 1000 Muslim faithful to break the Ramadan fast for the day.

“Thereafter, my team and I had the opportunity to feed and break the Ramadan fast of the day with around 1000 individuals at the Maraba-Nyanya International Market Central Mosque, symbolizing unity and cooperation during this auspicious season.”

Reacting to Obi’s statement, Chigozerim Aliyu Emeakayi describes the former governor of Anambra State as a “hypocrite.”

He berated Obi, saying, “You went to the mosque with a camera? What sort of desperation is this? All this is eye-service because you want northern votes in 2027.”

Calling Obi a “despicable” man, he alleged that Obi had previously declared a “religious war” on Muslims.

“You are a despicable human being, Peter. Weren’t you the same man who deported Muslims and Northerners from Anambra when you were governor?

“Weren’t you the same man who declared a religious war on Muslims in 2023? Weren’t you the same guy who told the church to wake up and take back their country? Who are you deceiving, Peter? You think Nigerians are as stupid as your followers?” he said.

Olubunmi Aro, in his reaction, asked, “Why are you behaving like the politicians you always condemn? You are all the same, and please stop all the hypocrisy.”

Alleging that Obi suffers from a “chronic lying disorder,” Wale Adebayo wrote, “Ordinary to feed a child, you hijacked his food and made it all yours. You even wanted to affect the child with your chronic lying disorder by sharing the same spoon with him. Why are you doing this, Okwute? I am highly disappointed.”

E. J. Enwagboso, argues that Obi’s supporters, popularly called Obidients, berated other politicians for visiting mosques in a bid to “secure cheap political points.”

“The Obidients mocked other Nigerian politicians for walking on roads with corns during their electoral campaigns.

“Some of them could be seen sitting down to eat with Nigerians, prioritizing cleanliness and good hygiene.

“Recent videos show Peter Obi, after describing politics as a religious war, feeding able-bodied individuals while sitting on the ground with outstretched legs and using unsanitary fluid transfers via spoons for political purposes.

“It seems that the Obidients are embracing a new motto: ‘If you can’t win them over, join them.’ Including their peculiar use of unsanitary methods, which involve neglecting personal hygiene, like sharing bodily fluids via spoon.

“Come 2027, a failure to replicate his current learning momentum, similar to spoon-to-spoon fluid transfers, would see Peter Obi end up anywhere between third and fourth positions again, Enwagboso wrote.

“You are worse than Nnamdi Azikiwe. In your own eyes, Governor Fashola of Lagos State was deporting Igbos back to the East. Today you are claiming that Nigerian is one. Do you see how you are deceiving yourself? You are the highest deceiver I have ever seen,” Chris Kachi argues.

In her reaction, Amonda Ogunlere sternly berated the Labour Party chieftain when she said, “One of your paid influencers who campaigned for you during the elections called the northern children cows. Now you want those cows to vote for you??? You are a pretentious liar, @PeterObi. “You will never be president.”