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Nigerians call for Aisha Yesufu’s arrest



Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian activist and politician Aisha Yesufu has described President Bola Tinubu as an “illegitimate president.”

Aisha, in a statement on X on Saturday, alleged that Tinubu is a drug dealer and a forger of certificates.

Aisha’s statement comes on the heels of Anthony Joshua’s speech, in which he failed to acknowledge his Nigerian roots after his win against Cameroonian boxer Francis Ngannou.

Reacting to Joshua’s snubbing of Nigeria, Aisha states, “The fact that Nigeria has an illegitimate president that is associated with drug dealing and forgery did not make Anthony Joshua not associate with Nigeria; is it was the people trolling him online that made him not associate with Nigeria.”

A statement that has infuriated a cross-section of Nigerians, with many calling for Aisha’s arrest.

“I can’t fathom how you spew gibberish against the elected president,”  Prince Enny Abdulmal wrote in his response to the #BringBackOurGirls activist.

“He was elected, and his mandate was upheld by the highest court of law. But you are calling him unprintable names, discarding him online a few days ago; you’re calling peeps to afford you respect; respect is reciprocal,” he added.

In his response, Lord Banz on X urged the Department of State Service, DSS, to arrest the politician when he wrote, “I think it’s the right time for the @OfficialDSSNG to pick up this woman.”

While Eloihei wrote, “You will be arrested soon if you don’t have respect for the country,” Bjay argued that “Aisha calling a sitting president illegitimate and a drug dealer is an affront to the government. Honestly, she should be in jail.”

Also calling for her arrest, Sio wrote, “This woman, when are you going to be sensible? Do you think this is funny? I think you need to be picked up and show the DSS or police what gives certainty to this nefarious conclusion “associated with drug dealing and forgery.” Maybe you have some evidence that no one has seen.”

While many called for Aisha’s arrest and prosecution, Gauzu Zamani notes that “the government of PBAT won’t arrest you. They won’t make you an overnight activist because you are a mere opportunist feeding on people’s ignorance.

“Continue abusing the president; as long as you carry our green passport, Tinubu is your president.”