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Nigerians blast Reno Omokri over support for Erisco Foods



Erisco female customer resize

Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has suffered severe backlash for berating in strong terms calls for the boycott of all products of Erisco Foods.

In a series of statements published on his official X page on Wednesday, Omokri noted that the boycott of products from Erisco Foods does more harm than good to Nigeria, the Naira, and Nigerians.

Omokri, who is a strong advocate of buying made-in-Nigeria products to grow the value of the naira, noted that “Erisco Foods makes made-in-Nigeria products. Therefore, anybody who wants to undermine that company is automatically an enemy of Nigeria.”

Omokri’s statement comes on the heels of calls by social media influencers for the boycott of all Erisco Foods products over the continuous persecution of Mrs. Chioma Okoli.

Mrs. Okoli, a pregnant woman, is being prosecuted for making negative reviews about Erisco tomato paste.

Reacting to the calls to boycott the company’s products, Omokri states, “Erisco Foods makes made-in-Nigeria products. Therefore, anybody who wants to undermine that company is automatically an enemy of Nigeria.

“People like Eric Umeofia, the CEO of Erisco Foods, should be the apple of the eye of the Nigerian government. We should treat them like eggs. By producing locally, they create jobs, grow our GDP, and boost the value of the naira.

“If anybody is guilty of undermining his reputation and that of his products with lies, that person should go straight to jail, pregnant or not!

“If you believe in me and #GrowNairaBuyNaija, then go out tomorrow and buy any product manufactured by Erisco Foods. Let us show this made-in-Nigeria manufacturer that we are not all sentimental people. If Nigeria will survive, it will be because of companies like Erisco,” Omokri said.

Reacting to Omokri’s call against the boycott of products from Erisco Foods, a social media user identified as Michael Angelo berated the former presidential aide for “encouraging rubbish.”

Accusing Omokri of collecting financial inducements from Erisco Foods, Angelo said, “Money has exchanged hands. I only pity those who take you seriously.

“Haven’t you been damaging MTN as a business entity? I gave Qatar Airways a bad review because of my experience with them; why didn’t they arrest me? You always encourage rubbish.”

Alleging that Omokri “is part of the corruption in Nigeria,” Charles Chigozie states that “so Erisco foods don’t have to look into their products because it has estimated 4000 workers they are paying wages? Millions of Nigerians will be affected health-wise.

“Mr Reno Omokri I understand you are part of the corruption in Nigeria because you want to generate traffic on your page.”

Berating Omokri, Ochus Billions notes, “You are becoming more useless every day. I’m praying to God that if you would even make it to the presidency, let me not be in Nigeria by then.”

Accusing Omokri of being garrulous, OG Cezer stated, “You talk too much; in all the jargon you have been writing daily, you have not urged the oppressor to let go of the issue; an oppressor’s sympathizer will become a victim someday.”

“How would you feel when your children grow up and learn that you took sides with an oppressor?” You should have an atom of shame and pedigree.

“You must be one of the alleged influencers paid to change the narrative. You will all be put to shame in the end, ” Adewale Adegbeye berates Omokri.