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Nigerians blast Remi Tinubu as she urges citizens to embrace farming



Senator Remi Tinubu wife of Bola Tinubu the presidential candidate of the APC

Nigerians have berated First Lady Sen. Oluremi Tinubu’s call for citizens to go into farming in a bid to mitigate hunger and hardship in the country.

Tinubu had urged Nigerians to take an active role in agricultural production.

She noted that agriculture remained the key to improving the lives of Nigerians.

Joshua Ogunleye, in a comment on X, described Mrs. Tinubu’s call for Nigerians to embrace agriculture as “nonsensical advice.”

Ogunleye noted that Nigerians cannot go into farming amid insecurity and the high price of fertilizer in the market.

“Nonsense advice. Where is her husband’s farm? Buhari has a farm; he could tell Nigerians to farm. How do you go to work in an insecure society? A bag of fertilizer costs N40,000. No support for farmers.”

In Nonso ND’s reaction, he stated that “the insensitivity these people display is a sad tale of ‘we get what we deserve.’ Farming is great, but where to farm without seeking ransom afterward? When we stripped Nigerian politics of the lavish life it embodies, we would have woken up.”

Many Nigerians also lamented that the call for Nigerians to go into farming was wrongly timed due to the insecurity bedeviling the country.

“These people do not care for Nigerians. The farmland that has been occupied by bandits and killer herdsmen is the one she wants Nigerians to go to without addressing their security challenges. It’s a pity,” Phelix argues.

Ibrahim Umar noted that armed Fulani herdsmen await farmers when they go to their farms.

“With bandits waiting for them in the bush, how will they go to the farm?” Is this a form of mockery or what? Improve the security, make it the priority, and see who will even care to know your government exists; after all, we are used to providing ourselves with almost everything,” Umar noted.

Nathaniel Agada also stated that the farmer-herder clash is a bane to farming in the country.

“They should go into farming when the problems of farmers and the nomadic header crisis have not been solved,” Agada asked.

“They are killing the farmers on the farm? Some people need to pay money to access their farms. Why is the government so out of touch with the situation in the country?” Barrister Ebi noted.

While Oluwa Tayo Idowu stated that Mrs. Tinubu “practically has nothing upstairs to offer,”  Salihu Ilyass said, “Let your children start it. They can afford tractors and other farming equipment. If that happens, I pray bandits don’t use them for breakfast.”

Berating the First Lady, Eze Nnunnu asked, “So everyone should turn to a farmer because your husband is the president?”

Peter Emmanuel urged Mrs. Tinubu to advise her children to go to farms too. “She should rather tell Seyi and Yinka Tinubu. They are better farmers than Aso Rock lounge men,” Emmanuel stated.

“Are you forbidden from going to the farm? Tell your family to go to the farm.

“There are kidnappers in the bush, roads are bad, people are hungry, and transportation fares are expensive, yet you are saying, go to the farm.

“You go to the farm. Tell your husband to go to the farm,” Patrick Okouzi stated.