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Nigerians blast pastor for mocking actor’s death


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Pastor Fortune Makarios has suffered backlash from Nigerians for mocking the death of Nollywood comic actor John Okafor, popularly called Mr Ibu.

Speaking on the death of Mr Ibu, Pastor Fortune, in a statement on facebook, noted that the actor died aged 62 because he did not use his life to serve God.

Comparing Mr Ibu to Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Pastor Fortune noted that Adeboye, who just turned 82, lived this long because he devoted his life to serving God.

He urged his audience to use their lives to serve God so they do not ‘die early like Mr Ibu.’

His statement, which stirred the ire of Nigerians, has since generated heated reactions on social media.

Reacting to his comment, Dr. Jesse Glee pointed out that “T.B. Joshua died at a young age. Adeboye’s son also died at the age of 40. The ways of God remain a mystery.”

He also urged Nigerians to “avoid alcohol and smoking. Eat healthy foods.”

Calling the pastor a “moron,”  Tola Joseph pointed out that T. B. Joshua died at the age of 57.

“I am a Christian, but this post can only come from a moron. TB Joshua, a very popular pastor, was 57 years old before he died,” Joseph noted.

For Adasu, she pointed out the pastor’s statement, “This doesn’t make sense, honestly.”

She added, “You don’t use someone’s death as a yardstick for whatever. The comparison doesn’t even add up.

“Who told him Mr Ibu didn’t serve God?” she asked.

“This is all shades of wrong. I think a pastor wrote this. There is a reason I don’t take religious people seriously,” Vivian Mmesoma argued.

In Rashad’s reaction, he said, “T.B. Joshua was 52 when he died. Does that mean he did not serve God? Adeboye’s son died at 40. His father served God; he also served God, but he died early. When death comes calling, tell him you serve God.”

Sabinus Chimeaze argued that “Even Pastor Enoch, who is celebrating his 82nd birthday, lost a son who was in his 40s.

“Don’t mind some of all the men of gods. When you go through his writings, you will understand that he lacks knowledge of the things of God.”

Noting that death cannot be avoided, Elvis Bukie Ikenna stated, “Death is inevitable; it has nothing to do with how religious or holy one is.”