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Nigerians blast FG over escape of Binance executive



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The escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla, an arrested Binance executive held in Nigeria, has earned the Federal Government backlash from Nigerians. 

The Office of the NSA confirmed that Nadeem Anjarwalla, one of the two Binance executives arrested by the Federal Government, has escaped from detention.

Chronicle NG reports that Anjarwalla, 38, escaped from the Abuja guest home where he and his colleague were being held on Friday, March 22, when guards brought him to a local mosque for prayers in honor of the ongoing Ramadan fast.

The Briton, who also has Kenyan citizenship, is reported to have flown out of Abuja on a Middle Eastern airliner.

Confirming his escape, the office of the National Security Adviser, in a statement signed by its Head of Strategic Communication, Zakari U. Mijinyawa, stated that “security agencies are working with Interpol for an international arrest warrant on the suspect.”

The statement reveals that the personnel responsible for the custody of the escapee have been arrested, and an investigation into the escape is ongoing.

Reacting to the news of the escape of the Binance executive, Christy Jane alleged that bribery is “the foundation of the present government.”

Jane states, “The fact that all of you think nation-building is selfish shocks me to a severe depth.

“Top officers would take bribes; what makes the junior officer not do the same? Bribery is common, and it’s the foundation of the present government; hence, everyone is sarcastic about patriotism because if the said government is a fraud, who should then be clean? If a citizen saw him escaping, do you think they would inform the police? NO!

“They won’t, because the police may end up arresting them! The people at the immigration post may also see him and say, Who knows who he may have bribed! I’ve got to keep shut up before I lose my job!

“That’s corruption coming back to you all! If he went through land borders, he could bribe his way out! Anything goes in Nigeria, and that’s the level of destruction you guys have committed.

Calling the escape of the Binance executive a national disgrace, Omo Ope noted that Anjarwalla’s escape highlights loopholes in the Nigerian security structure.

“The escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla from custody highlights a grave security lapse in Nigeria. Those accountable must be held to severe consequences for permitting a suspect implicated in serious allegations to abscond with a smuggled passport,” he stated.

Accusing the APC-led government of drawing the country into the mud of derision, Brenden Okwaraji called for the end of bribery and corruption in the country.

Okwaraji stated, “This is embarrassing, Bayo Onanuga. APC keeps embarrassing us. How do investors trust us if we can’t keep someone in common custody? Bribery and corruption need to end before they end in Nigeria. Any connected person can easily get out of any Nigerian detention facility.”

“How can someone in custody escape? He isn’t a known criminal with such a tendency. Someone who sees him as a brother because they are of the same religion prefers that brotherhood ahead of national security. Yet not a single punishment will be dispensed to those involved,” Idoko Mole argues.

Donu Anselem also accused President Bola Tinubu’s administration of “embarrassing” Nigeria when he said, “Is there going to be an end to this show of shame happening under this administration? A foreigner under the custody of our NSA escaped from the detention, passed through our airport protocols, boarded a commercial airplane, and left Nigeria.”

For Eda Ilera, she states, “This is embarrassing. I’m a supporter of this government, but that doesn’t mean we should keep quiet when things are wrong. This is shameful, and the people involved should be held accountable.”

Arguing that Nigeria has become a “joke,” Olatunbosun argues that he is not surprised at the escape of the Binance executive.

Olatunbosun says, “Nothing surprises me in Nigeria anymore; the more you look, the more you see and hear. Does anyone even take Nigeria seriously again? All thanks to you bunch of politicians. What a joke of a country.”