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Nigerians blast Daniel Regha over poor fashion sense



Daniel Regha

Popular social media influencer Daniel Regha has been criticized by Nigerians over his frequent use of the same fabric for his clothes. 

Regha, renowned for his social media criticisms of celebrities and for also lending his two cents on trending issues in Nigeria, is famous for wearing a blue, red, and yellow-colored Ankara.

In a statement on X on Monday, Regha clarified speculations that allege his reusing the same cloth.

He noted that he doesn’t reuse the same fabric as speculated; rather, he has several clothes made from the same Ankara fabric.

Regha’s statement reads, “Some people think I am reusing fabrics. No, that’s not the case. I’ve got extra yards of this Ankara, and I intend to make good use of it. I can’t be throwing away good materials.”

Reacting to Regha‘s statement, Nasr on X stated that there is nothing special about his use of the same fabric over and over again.

Nasr said, “There’s nothing special about what you just said now. It’s 2/10. You just upgraded your sapa (poverty) to a new level. No offense.”

Winifred, urged Ragha to dispose of the fabric when she said, “Daniel, I think it is high time you throw this away; I mean, this has been in existence before I was born.”

For Cylaf, he said, “Daniel, you are not making anyone look up to you at all; where is the growth? 1.1 million plus followers, getting paid by Elon and other stuff, and you are at this level?

“Don’t you think you should rather sit yourself down and give yourself advice?”

While many compared the fabric to the biblical “coat of many colors” worn by Joseph, others likened the cloth to the LGBTQ pride flag.