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Nigerians blast Aisha Yesufu, calls her ‘a violent instigator’



Aisha Yesufu

A Nigerian activist, businesswoman, and politician, Aisha Yesufu, has been described as a “violent instigator” by a social media troll. 

The renowned activist known for being vociferous over issues of national concern, vowed in a statement on Tuesday to clean up politics in Nigeria.

Noting that she rejects the notion of being ashamed or regretful of her actions, Aisha argued that she’s a politician per excellence who will not fiddle while Nigeria burns.

Calling for actions over apathy in a bid to mitigate the present political situation in Nigeria, Aisha urged all and sundry, dissatisfied with the status quo, to “roll up the sleeves” and get Nigeria cleaned.

However, her call has been greeted with mixed reactions and severe backlash from Nigerians.

Responding to Aisha’s statement, Badmus Uthmaan on X alleged that the #BringBackOurGirls activist is a “violent instigator” with no political experience.

Uthmaan states, “You are not a politician if you have never served a political office or appointment.

“You can call yourself a political activist, but you have already failed in that course.

“Right now, you are just a violent instigator and Twitter impression farmer.”

Recounting her famous dance during the Peter Obi 2023 presidential campaign, a man simply identified on X as Oluwashola, alleged that Aisha is a corrupt Nigerian who “grew her account” using the #EndSARS and OBIdient movements.

Speaking partly in pidgin English, Oluwashola wrote, “Aisha chop EndSARS and still chop OBIdients money.

“She used the EndSARS movement to grow her account and then used the OBIdients movement to become a top political figure.

“The money she made off OBIdients was massive; that’s why she was dancing like a deranged woman in her hijab. Correct hustle.”

Sarki, a social media influencer, says, “I knew there was a reason Aisha Yesufu was dancing like a madwoman on stage. There was no way she was doing any of that dancing for free.”

Omar Little argued that “Aisha Yesufu, a married Muslim woman with grown children at home, was dancing haphazardly everywhere. If you think she did all that because of good governance, you will never be wise.”