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Nigerians are worse than the government – Babatunde



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A social media influencer has criticized the constant rise in the price of goods and described Nigerians as the government’s worst offshoots.

He noted that the current market price for goods has not reflected the drop in dollar rates.

In an “X” post, Babatunde Olusola wrote, “1 dollar is now at N1,172, but prices of goods are still up; things are still very expensive.

Olusola added, “As much as the government is bad, we, the people, aren’t different; we are even worse than the government.”

In reaction to Olusola post, an “X” user, @pabloLIGHT1, said, “People insult the government, and most times I say if they’re in the government’s positions they would do the same or worse.” Olusola commented, “You’re not far from the truth.”

“The funny thing is, if the dollar increases, the price of goods will increase,” but once it drops, they (Nigerians) will all claim it was gotten when the dollar was high,” another “X” user, @Anarii6, stated.