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Nigerian leaders are criminals in agbada



A member of the Black Axe gang one of Nigerias most feared cults

Amid the rising cost of goods and services and the high rate of insecurity in the country, Nigerian leaders have been described as “criminals” by a dissatisfied Nigerian.

In a statement on X on Wednesday, an X user, simply identified as Folarin (@Folarin_bobo), alleged that Nigerian leaders always make policies that inflict hardship and “impoverish” the populace.

Folarin made the statement while reacting to the news of the planned 300% hike in electricity tariffs by the federal.

The Bola Tinubu administration is set to increase the electricity tariff by 300 percent to reduce government spending since it can allegedly no longer afford the huge amount it pays to subsidise electricity annually.

A report by Bloomberg on Tuesday disclosed that electricity companies in Nigeria will soon have the government’s say-so to hike tariffs from N68 per kilowatt-hour to N200 per kilowatt-hour for urban consumers in April.

Reacting to the news, Folarin stated that Nigerian leaders are “criminals in agbada.

“They always find a way to inflict pain on the already impoverished citizens, but common developmental projects will turn into rocket science for them.

“Don’t be surprised if you start having a 20-hour supply starting next week.”