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Nigerian lawmakers urge companies to inscribe ‘made-in-Nigeria’ on all domestic goods  



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The House of Representatives on Tuesday urged all companies in Nigeria to inscribe “Made in Nigeria” on all domestic goods to boost local content patronage in the country. 

The lawmakers asked the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to prevail on the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) to make sure that the directive is complied with. 

The House resolution was based on a motion by Hon. Joseph Nwobasi (APGA, Ebonyi). 

The lawmaker said at plenary that while Nigeria is endowed with human and natural resources to support and propel a self-sustaining and production-based economy, numerous industrial activities in Nigeria have faced decline due to government policies, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of a conducive business environment. 

“Companies and entrepreneurs continue to produce essential commodities such as textiles, clothing, shoes, processed food, beverages, motor parts, fabrics, and other essential commodities,” Nwobasi added. 

His motion was adopted by the House as they unanimously directed relevant stakeholders to adhere to its resolution. 

What you should know 

  • The Federal House of Representatives is one of the two Chambers of the National Assembly saddled with making laws and policies for the country. 
  • MAN promotes manufacturing sector competitiveness and serves as a platform for manufacturers to explore opportunities for wealth creation. 
  • Over the years, Nigeria has been viewed as an import-dependent country by several experts thereby weakening the patronage of local products. 
  • The resolution by the lawmakers is a means of boosting patronage of domestic goods. 




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