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Nigerian-born Italian, Sonia Aimy, launch new album in Toronto



Sonia Aimy is a Nigerian born Italian who speaks fluent French Italian English 1

Nigerian-born Italian, Sonia Aimy, will launch her forthcoming album at the El Mocambo on June 14, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura said on Tuesday. The album is a fusion of storytelling inspired by Sonia’s birthplace, Nigeria, and her global experiences and perspectives on life, events, and aspirations.

Sonia, a singer, songwriter, actor, and activist born in Nigeria and raised in Italy, is the definitive expression of current African world music. Her music combines Afro-jazz, Afrobeat, highlife, and spiritual elements in a fluid yet dexterous performance style. Her seductive rhythms and melody, as well as her infectious joie de vivre, bring listeners from many backgrounds together.

Fluent in English, Italian, French, and several African dialects, Sonia Aimy has been singing in public since age 11 in her native Nigeria, where she absorbed the influences of her mother’s native Bini people and the Muslim and Christian cultures around her.

Sonia Aimy took music and theatre training in Italy and performed throughout the country and in much of Europe. She has performed concerts with African musical legends such as Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela and appeared on many theatre stages, including in a 14-year run with the National Theatre of Turin as the first Black Cinderella. Among her numerous film and TV credits was a key role in Louis Nero’s short film, Il Mistero di Dante. Sonia Aimy has also scored music for theatre and film.

“No Sneaking” is the first single from the 10-track Light-Imole. The song is a reminder to every one of us that no matter what we do and the situation that we find ourselves in, we must always do our best to be truthful, fair, and respectful of others. It is a reminder that whatever goes around, comes around – it boomerangs. A behaviour of sincerity and truth is your rock for trust and credibility that will sell you beyond your expectations.

The song was inspired by Sonia’s memories of a childhood favourite called “The Circle Game.” “It was the perfect inspiration I needed to create, arrange, and sing this song,” Sonia explains. “The sound, melody, and groove all came to my head effortlessly. My cultural identity undoubtedly continues to be one of my sources of creation in my artistic work”.

Light-Imole was produced by Sonia Aimy, Jerry Harrison-Uke, Peter Lasisi, Piero De Prete and Eddie Bullen, and it features Esther Jane Willow, a MI’Kmaq singer songwriter on a track titled “Sel Senapa”.

Sonia Aimy  will be accompanied by her band members, some of the best African musicians in the GTA. Please join us for this musical journey as we celebrate the release of Light-Imole.

This event is sponsored by Istituto Italiano di Cultura with the generous help of community partners ICFF, AWA and Saimy’s Art.

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