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‘Ngelale lies effortlessly’, Nigerians blast Tinubu’s spokesman



ajuri 22

Chief Ajuri Ngelale, the spokesman for President Bola Tinubu, has become the subject of derision over claims that the President sleeps at 2 a.m. 

While speaking in an interview with #WithChude on Thursday, he urged Nigerians to be patient with Tinubu, noting that he (Tinubu) works round the clock to make Nigeria right.

“Be patient with us,” he said. “I’m working with a man who I can personally vouch for in the sense that I know he’s going to bed at 2–3 a.m, every single night, including Sundays,” Ngelale stated.

“He is waking up at 7:30 a.m. every single day, including Sundays, opening his files, and working into the late night when no one is there,” Ngelale added.

Responding to Ngelale’s statement, a social media influencer, Ola Mi Lekan, stated that Ngelale “lies effortlessly.”

He noted that “even a blind man can see that Tinubu has no plan for Nigeria except to settle his boys and put them in positions that will make it possible for him to siphon the country’s wealth.”

Urging Nigerians to jettison everything the spokesman said, J. Idigbe argued that Ngelale was only sugarcoating Tinubu, something he is paid to do.

“They need to put this aside because he was doing what he was paid for, not for the benefit of the people.

This kind of person isn’t specific enough to be in this position, and he’s lying regardless. He has been there three times as spokesperson to three different presidents,” Idigbe stated.

Stating that Ngelale’s lies have become a “pain in the heart,” Promise Nwaba wrote, “There is a way one tells consistent lies in good English that it becomes like an ear sore and a pain in the heart.”

Ehigie Eghe stated that he has since lost hope for Ngelale due to his constant “lies”.

“He said the same thing when Buhari was in government. I lost my respect for him a long time ago,” Eghe stated.

Calling him a “mumu man” (a derogatory term for a fool), Okidoki stated that he “said the same thing when he served under Buhari. Vouched for him when the man was busy printing money.”