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NAFDAC confirms registration status of Erisco Tomato mix




The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has officially confirmed the registration status of Eriscofoods’ Nagiko Tomato Mix.

This confirmation comes in the midst of an ongoing dispute between the brand and a customer who posted a review of the product, claiming it was excessively sweet.

NAFDAC clarified that the product received its registration in 2021. However, due to a backlog issue, it had not been updated on an accessible database until now.

In an official statement, NAFDAC stated,

  • “Update on the Registration Status of Nagiko Tomato Mix. The product in question, Nagiko Tomato Mix by Erisco Foods Limited, bears NAFDAC Registration Number A8-7430 and is indeed a registered product.”

NAFDAC also shed light on the safety of including sugar in tomato paste and ketchup products.

They explained that sugar serves various purposes, such as masking bitterness, enhancing color and flavor, improving texture and taste consistency, and acting as a preservative.

NAFDAC emphasized that they determine safety limits for sugar in food products, and only products within these established limits receive NAFDAC’s approval.


Before NAFDAC’s announcement, the Foundation for Investigative Journalism reported that the Nagiko Tomato Mix did not appear in NAFDAC’s online database.

Although more than 50 other Ersico products were listed on the website, the Nagiko Tomato Paste Mix, which had been reviewed by Chioma Egodi, was conspicuously absent.

Chioma Egodi was detained after posting a critical review of Nagiko Tomato Mix on Facebook on September 17. In her review, she expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s sweetness.

Eriscofoods accused Egodi of attempting to tarnish the company’s reputation with her Facebook post.

Eriscofoods in response said it would take action against, the negative review as it was an “indigenous manufacturer of 100% natural tomato pastes.”

Babatunde Irukera, CEO of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), confirmed on Tuesday that Chioma Egodi has been released.

However, both Eriscofoods and the lawyer representing the tomato paste reviewer have announced their intentions to pursue legal action against each other.

Eriscofoods plans to sue for defamation of character, while Egodi’s lawyer has stated their intention to sue for human rights violations and defamation.

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